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Richelle “Ricky” Caiton, M.A., Ed. L., is the owner, artist, and designer of Afrodity Productions, LLC, and The Afrodity Gallery & Showroom. Recently, she has been appointed the principal of Hazel Park/ Hilda Knoff Elementary School in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. She is an accomplished artist, crafter, and educator, having won awards from the Essence Festival Marketplace (Essence Festival Marketplace Rising Star Award, 2014) and the Artie Award in 2010 from the New Orleans Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. for Visual Arts. She has a line of T-shirts, glassware, and cosmetic bags, and is the creator of the popular Wuggabush!™ brand of art and related products.

She is an active member in the Dance Company Division of The New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies. With them, she has appeared in numerous music videos, performances, presentations, news spots, Jazz Fest, the Annual NOBDL Mardi Gras Dancing Parade, and the 2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. She is also the chair of NOBDL’s School and Youth Outreach Program, and one of their lead make-up artists. She is responsible for completing the faces of in-coming and auxiliary division members for the various activities listed above.

Additionally, she is tasked with teaching new and veteran members how to prep, apply, and complete their looks with her NOBDLs make-up classes, held at the Afrodity Gallery & Showroom.

About Us

Mission Statement & Philosophy

The mission of Afrodity Productions, LLC is to provide our clientele with the ability to actively collect distinctive and imaginative artwork and collection items.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to purchase and collect art regardless of their socioeconomic status; thus, becoming an avid collector.  Our portfolio consists of prints, pieces, and other items with a variety of price ranges.  We truly offer something for everyone.


Afrodity Productions, LLC, (APLLC) is a New-Orleans-based company created by artist Richelle "Ricky" Caiton.  Originally named the Afro Puff Productions, Co. (after the Lady of Rage's hit 90's song) in 1995, the company was renamed in 1997, and made "official" in 2006.  In 2016, we were pleased to open our private gallery and showroom, The Afrodity Gallery & Showroom, in order to highlight and promote the Transform Me exhibit of art which our initial line of cosmetic bags are based on. 

Primarily created to market, sell, and promote the artist's original artwork, our portfolio has evolved, and now includes the popular and multi-cultural Wuggabush!(TM) line, airbrushed originals, collages, prints, bookmarks, stationary, cosmetic bag lines, glasses, tumblers, Tees, and much more!