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Wuggabush!TM & 4 Dem Kids



Bookmarks are sold separately, one by one, cut, and laminated. Thumbnails display a full sheet of bookmarks.

Bookmarks available:

Increase Your Chi Bookmark: Beautifully updated and inspired by the artist's Asian students as a celebration of their culture. 

Sporty: Celebrating the artist's male students' love for sports.

The Arts: One of the first Wuggabush! bookmarks ever created. Celebrate music, theater, visual arts, and dance with this charming bookmark. 

The Dragon: Created specifically for the artist's students and their love of the dragon. 

Earth, Wind, and Fire: Created strictly for the artist's love of her favorite group. I think you can figure it out. 

The Four Seasons: Take a little bit of the seasons with you wherever you go, especially in your favorite book! 

Blown Away: Created strictly for the artist's love of her students and Reading. Tagline: Get blown away by Reading.

Divalicious: Be divalicious! Become a #1 Reader. 

What are you Reading?: Created strictly for the artist's love of her students and Reading. As a matter-of-fact, what are you reading? I think you can figure it out.

What Genre are you?: Reading genres are just like style . . . everyone has one.

No matter what, Love Yourself: The name says it all!

Reading Genie: Reading is truly magical!

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